Below is a testimonial from one of our professional partners.

As an enablement worker, supporting clients referred from the Community Mental Health team, I am always looking for community groups which will assist my clients in their recovery.

I met Gary and Jackie when they were facilitating the peer led gardening group at the Live Well (Ashford). As I worked in the same locality, I could see the work they did, on a day to day basis and was so impressed I immediately starting referring clients to them. They have since gone on to establish Blossoms of Hope and have a wonderful site in Faversham and now an allotment group in Ashford. I continue to refer clients as I have seen such dramatic changes in clients overall wellbeing once they are supported by Blossoms of Hope.

It is well understood that gentle exercise, fresh air and connection with nature are good for ones mental wellbeing, couple this with the support and compassion given by Gary and Jackie means that clients get the best care, learn new skills and make new social connections. I will continue to support Blossoms of Hope in the future as I firmly believe they make real difference to the recovery of the people they support.

– Deborah, Kent Enablement and Recovery Service